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Customized Laser Optics
Design and assembly for your application

We will design and assemble laser optics for your specific applications.
International shipping and installation (laboratory or production line) is possible.
For the costs, please contact us.

Which kinds of applications do we support?
We can support physics, measurement, bioscience, processing, chemistry, and other applications.
In many cases, you are expert of the application, so we listen to you first.
Then, we study your case and do research if necessary.
So, it may take some time, but there are no technical limitations.

Which kind of lasers (light sources) do we support?
Laser beam characteristics depend on the laser type.
Many points such as safety, optics damage, aberrations, dispersion, non linear effects,
heat, maintenance, etc. should be considered when designing laser optics.
We are familiar with some lasers (light sources) but not so with others.
Lasers (light sources) we are very familiar with:
Q-switch YAG lasers at 1064nm and their harmonics (532nm, 355nm, 266nm and 213nm)
with peak power (@1064nm) of more than 100MW/cm2.
Lasers (light sources) we are familiar with:
ns (nano second) pulse lasers
ps (pico second) pulse lasers
fs (femto second) pulse lasers
Pulse lasers and CW (continuous wave) lasers at wavelength of 200~1100nm
Lasers (light sources) we are not familiar with:
CO2 lasers
Lasers at <200nm
MIR (Mid Infrared) lasers
FIR (Far Infrared) lasers

Which kind of optics can we make?
We design and assemble optics such as:
Beam Delivery Systems (such as Beam Lift), Beam Line Protection Systems
Beam Isolators, Polarization Converters
Beam Attenuators, Variable Beam Splitters
Beam Expanders, Image Relays
Focusing Optics, Beam Collimators, Light Sheet Optics
Multiwavelength Light Sources
Microscopes and similar optics
Confocal Optics
Scanning Mirrors, Scan Modules (body)
Other Optics
We integrate supplier's modules such as:
Visible Guide Lasers
Optical Fibers
AO Modules (AOM, AOTF, PCAOM, AOD), EOs (Pockels Cells)
Galvano Scanners, Resonant Scanners
Power Meters, Beam Profilers and Other Laser Diagnostic Modules
Other modules

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