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Technical Consulting for Lasers
Support for your project

Our support widely ranges from actual systems to theoretical discussions.
International services are possible.
For the costs, please contact us.

Which kind of lasers (light sources) do we support?
Laser beam characteristics depend on the laser type.
We are familiar with some lasers (light sources) but not so with others.
Lasers (light sources) we are very familiar with:
Q-switch YAG lasers at 1064nm and their harmonics (532nm, 355nm, 266nm and 213nm)
with a peak power (@1064nm) of more than 100MW/cm2.
Lasers (light sources) we are familiar with:
ns (nano second) pulse lasers
ps (pico second) pulse lasers
fs (femto second) pulse lasers
Pulse lasers and CW (continuous wave) lasers at wavelengths of 200~1100nm.
Lasers (light sources) we are not familiar with:
CO2 lasers
Lasers at <200nm
MIR (Mid Infrared) lasers
FIR (Far Infrared) lasers

Which kinds of consulting do we provide?
Laser Safety
Laser Beam Diagnostics
Synchronization of Lasers and Other Devices
Optics for Laser Oscillators
Laser related Physics
Introduction, Operation, Maintenance and Laser Repairs
Other Technical Matters

Which kind of request do we support?

I want to learn about lasers.

I want to know how to integrate a laser.

I want to get my employees trained on lasers.

I want to know about laser safety.

I want to know how to read specification sheets to select the right laser for my needs,
and know what specifications "outside the specification sheets" are important.

I want a third person's technical opinion to select a laser.

I want a third person to attend an acceptance test when purchasing a laser.

I want to know how to use a laser.

I purchased a laser oscillator but it is not enough for my application.
I want to know what else to do.

I want to use a laser with other devices.

I want to be advised about laser maintenance.

I want to get our new laser operator trained.

Our laser is out of order.
I want some advice to repair it.

Our laser frequently goes out of order.
I want to know the reason and fix the problem.

I want an answer to my questions about physics.

I want to understand some formulas.

How to order our consulting.
A typical case:

1. Please send us an email or call us.

2. Mita Giken will listen to you by email or on the phone.
(In case you do not place an order, this is free of charge.)

3. Mita Giken will send you a quotation.

4. Place an order.

5. We will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if necessary.

6. Mita Giken will listen to you about the details by email, on the phone or face to face.
Some answers can be provided on the spot.

7. Mita Giken will do research if necessary.

8. Mita Giken will report you by email.
If necessary, we will have a meeting on the phone.
Mita Giken will send you a report if it is in the contract.

9. Mita Giken will send you an invoice.

10. Make the payment.

Please feel free to ask about our consulting.

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